FUX online

Johann Joseph Fux – Works

edited by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Editorial board: Gernot Gruber, Herbert Seifert

The critical-historical edition Johann Joseph Fux – Werke, newly founded in 2015, makes the Œuvre of the most important Austrian composer of the Baroque era accessible in a reliable way to musical research as well as performance practice. All works are published in score volumes (Hollitzer Verlag Vienna). In addition to the volumes of series C (Instrumental music) and selected vocal works, practical material (parts) is also provided.

The edition is carried out according to recent musicological philology, the editorial guidelines are available on this page. Work-specific editorial procedures are given in the particular preface to the critical report. The main intention of this edition is to offer the most authentic presentation of each work, while following as close as possible the intentions of the composer and performance practices of the period. The rather wide meaning of ‘work’ in the eighteenth century, which leads – within a given framework – in practice to flexible sound realization, has also been factored in: Further notes on the context, important advice on matters of performance practice and an extensive critical report supply the edited work. The critical report with a list of variant readings is particularly informative about all used sources and editorial emendations. Dramatic vocal works are provided with a specific introduction concerning history, sources, contexts and contents of the libretti set to music, which are furthermore printed in reproductions and German translation.

The identification number for each work is given according to the following catalogues raisonnés: Ludwig Ritter von Köchel, Johann Josef Fux, Vienna: Alfred Hölder 1872 (= K); Andreas Liess, Johann Joseph Fux. Ein steirischer Meister des Barock, Vienna: Ludwig Doblinger 1948 (= L); Hellmut Federhofer, “Unbekannte Kirchenmusik von Johann Joseph Fux,” in Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch 43 (1959), Cologne 1960 (= E); Hellmut Federhofer, Friedrich Wilhelm Riedel, “Quellenkundliche Beiträge zur Johann-Joseph-Fux-Forschung,” in Archiv für Musikwissenschaft 21, 1964, pp. 111–140 (= E) and Thomas Hochradner, “‘Donata al calcante’. Neue Quellenfunde sowie Nachrichten über verschollene Bestände zu Werken von Johann Joseph Fux,” in Studien zur Musikwissenschaft 44, Tutzing: Hans Schneider 1995, pp. 47–82, (N = Neufund / new findings). The new FuxWV numbers will be used after publication of Thomas Hochradner’s catalogue Thematisches Verzeichnis der Werke von Johann Joseph Fux (? 1660-1741) (FuxWV). Völlig überarbeitete Neufassung des Verzeichnisses von Ludwig Ritter von Köchel (1872). Incompletely preserved  works, like complete ones, are included in the individual series. Demonstrably spurious works and arrangements are omitted.

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