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Fux concertato Nr. 4 (2018)

Julo Ascanio, Re d'Alba (FuxWV II.2.6 / K 204), Poemetto drammatico

Scoring: Carmenta (s), Emilia (s), Julo Ascanio (a), Teucro (t), Evandro (b), tromba, chalumeau I-II, basson, ob I-II, fag I-II, vl I-II, vla, vla da Gamba I-II, cembalo, basso continuo (vc, vlne, fag, cemb)

Edited by Ramona Hocker and Alexander Rausch using A-Wn Mus.Hs. 17247 and A-Wn Mus.Hs. 17248. Prepared for three performances for the Fux.OPERNFEST vol. 1 at styriarte 2018 (Graz) with Ensemble Zefiro (dir. Alfredo Bernardini). The edition follows the sources; the doubling parts for oboe and bassoon are not always explicitly apparent from the preserved parts and the score; they were reconstructed by the editors in accordance with contemporary performance practices in Vienna. At the request of the ensemble, colla parte voices for chalumeaux and basson were produced for the final choir.

The numbers follow Thomas Hochradner, Thematisches Verzeichnis der Werke von Johann Joseph Fux (? 1660–1741). Völlig überarbeitete Neufassung des Verzeichnisses von Ludwig Ritter von Köchel (1872), vol. 1, Hollitzer: Wien 2016, p. 151–156.

The material is at the state of May 2018 and represents a preliminary version. An improved version with details and scientific accompanying texts is in preparation.

Score (für conductor, vocal parts, cembalo) (24 MB)


Violino I

Violino II


Violoncello und Violone

Oboe I

Oboe II

Fagotto (Continuo)

Solo parts:

Tromba (no. 2)

Viola da Gamba I (no. 3, 17)

Viola da Gamba II (Nr. 3, 17)

Violoncelli (no. 12)

Fagotto I (no. 13)

Fagotto II (no. 13)

Violino solo (no. 14)

Chalumeau I (Nr. 16)

Chalumeau II (no. 16)

Basson (no. 16)

Cembalo solo (no. 17)


Scientific material: in preparation (available on request)

Report in Wienerisches Diarium: March 17, 1708, no. 483, [p. 2]


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