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Fux-online offers comprehensive information on Johann Joseph Fux (ca. 1660–1741), the most important composer of the Austrian baroque. It provides texts about Fux and Fux research as well as additions to the scientific edition Johann Joseph Fux – Works. For chosen works, practical performance materials (parts) are made freely available at Fux-online. In addition, the website offers link-lists to digitized manuscripts, portraits and other editions.

Fux concertato

As a supplement to the edition Johann Joseph Fux - Werke published by Hollitzer, performance materials are made available as open access in the Fux concertato series. It includes material for volumes that have already been published (as in the case of Messe K 34a = volume 1 of the works edition) as well as editions specially prepared for music practice (as with the motet K 165, cf. the illustration). These result from collaborations with renowned festivals such as the styriarte or the Resonanzen as well as other performances. Works that for various reasons are not included in the printed series can appear online. As a rule, a conductor's score, parts and accompanying texts (music-historical introduction, critical report, song texts, etc.) are offered as PDFs.



Concert "La Regina Saba"

Our next Fux concert will take place on 30 May 2024 at 7 pm in the Festsaal of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The programme includes the oratorio "La Regina Saba", the first completely preserved dramatic work by J. J. Fux. Composed in 1705, while Leopold I was still alive, it shows the composer from an unusual angle, which contrasts somewhat with his later oratorios. There is much to discover in this modern premiere. Students from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna will perform under the direction of Stefan Gottfried. A second performance took place at the Pfarrkirche Mariahilf in Graz on 2 June 2024.

Mass K 27 in the liturgy at St. Stephen's cathedral

The ÖAW long-term project "Johann Joseph Fux - Werke" (director: Alexander Rausch) is working on a historical-critical edition of the works of the Austrian composer and theorist J. J. Fux (ca. 1660-1741). In addition to operas, oratorios and instrumental music, special emphasis is being placed on church music, preparing not only printed volumes of music but also performance material for music practice.
In the case of the Mass in G major entitled "Pro gratiarum actione" (K 27), it is an exciting and honourable task to re-arrange the orchestral parts for a High Mass at St. Stephen's. After all, Fux was Kapellmeister at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna for ten years (1705-1715), and his Mass K 27 for smaller instrumentation (without trumpets) is still popular, even though no direct reference to Vienna can be made from the surviving sources (in Kremsmünster and Prague). Whether this mass was a commissioned work cannot be judged at present.
The challenge for a practical edition lies, as elsewhere, in the philological problems on the one hand and in the needs of practice on the other. A sensible and aesthetic layout of part material cannot be achieved 'at the push of a button' even today, in the age of computer notation. The music material must be arranged in such a way that the turning of pages (i.e. the turning of pages by the orchestra musicians) is practicable. The contemporary copies did not always take into account whether there was enough time to turn the page: even in the middle of the bar, the indication "volti subito" ("turn immediately") is given at the end of the page! This and many other problems of the original sources are cleared up for today's musical practice in the editions of the series "Fux concertato".
15.10.2023, 10:15 am, Vienna, St. Stephan https://www.wiener-dommusik.at/
Live on Radio Klassik Stephansdom https://radioklassik.at/

CD recording Arianna

A recording of the Festa teatrale La corona d'Arianna (1726) from the Fux Opera Festival at the festival Styriarte is the first release of this opera. The cast is excellent with Monica Piccinini and others, the Ensemble Zefiro performs under the direction of Alfredo Bernardini, the choruses are sung by the Arnold Schoenberg Choir.
Performed in times of pandemic, this version is unfortunately a questionable Corona experiment in two senses: the work has been severely shortened, two of the total of seven roles deleted without replacement (the tenor Asterio and the bass Simardo). The booklet contains a superficial text by Karl Böhmer and an attempt by the conductor to justify the fragmentary recording (although the deleted characters are confused with those from the Serenata Psiche). Thus, one will have to wait even longer for an adequate recording of Fux's Corona d'Arianna.

Performances Emperor's Requiem

The so-called Kaiserrequiem K 51-53 was performed on 23 June 2022 in the Peterskirche Basel under the direction of Lukas Wanner. An impressive live recording exists on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiPbo5P510A&list=UUG-YbX8mKMa0I_zepeM2Axw .

Further performances took place on the following dates / locations in Switzerland:
18 June 2022: Church of St. George, Sursee
19 June 2022: St. Ursanne Monastery Church
10 June 2023: Grossmünster, Zurich
11 June 2023: Heiliggeistkirche Bern

We are pleased that materials of the Fux-Arbeitsstelle have been used for these concerts.

Liturgy K 47 Ossiach

After its premiere in Klagenfurt (see below), the Mass in C major K 47, newly edited by Ramona Hocker and others, will now also be performed as part of the liturgy on Sunday, 4 June 2023 in the Abbey Church of Ossiach. The choir, orchestra and soloists of the Gustav Mahler Privat Universität will perform under the direction of Thomas Wasserfaller.

Another performance of K 47 as part of a high mass in Klagenfurt Cathedral will take place on Sunday, 6 August 2023.

An interview with Ramona Hocker, which offers additional information about the work, can be found on youtube (Radio Klassik Stephansdom, 31.5.2023).

Styriarte 2022 zum Nachhören auf Ö1

Am Mittwoch dem 19.4.2023 sendet Ö1 den Mitschnitt der Produktion von "La corona  d'Arianna", styriarte 25. Juni 2022.

Fux, Missa Corporis Christi in Freiburg

For the following performance, the music material was prepared by the Fux-Arbeitsstelle of the ÖAW:

J.J. Fux, Missa Corporis Christi (K 10)

J.J. Fux, Alleluia from the motet "Paries quidem Filium" (L 43)

Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023 in St. Urban, Freiburg im Breisgau, Festive Service at 11:00 a.m.


Jardena Flückiger, Soprano

Sybille Kamphues, Contralto

Hans-Jörg Mammel, Tenor

Kevin Gagnon, Bariton

Choir of St. Urban , Chamber orchestra St. Urban

Direction: Christian Wunsch

New release: "Gli ossequi della Notte"

In the print series Johann Joseph Fux - Werke the third opera volume has been published:

Gli ossequi della Notte FuxWV II.2.9 (K 305), edited by Alexander Rausch,
with a literary historical introduction by Alfred Noe,
Vienna: Hollitzer Verlag, 2022 (= Johann Joseph Fux Werke B/I/3)

Further information on this publication

Klagenfurt - Fux in the Cathedral

On November 11, 2022 a concert took place in the Klagenfurt Cathedral, in which Fux's Mass K 47 was the principal work. The performance was prepared by Ramona Hocker (Gustav Mahler Private University of Music) in the context of a seminar with students and realized by them under the direction of Cathedral conductor Thomas Wasserfaller.
The musical quality of the Mass in C major K 47 (in the festive style, with trumpets and timpani) is extraordinary, which is why the rehearsal for the modern first performance (since 1731) was worthwhile. This setting of the Ordinary is also interesting for Fux philology because two shorter movements exist as variants for the eight-part "Crucifixus," which have been preserved as autographs. The original parts are kept in the ÖNB (Mus.Hs.16118).
In addition to works by Georg Muffat, Isaac Posch and Johann Sebastian Bach, the trio sonata in G minor FuxWV III.1.24 (K 370) was also performed. This established a local reference, since this instrumental piece was already heard in Klagenfurt in 1728.
Follow-up performances for 2023 are already planned, the performance material of the Mass K 47 is to be published in the series Fux concertato (#8).
Extracts of the concert were published here in February 2023, a trailer with background information can be found here.

Styriarte 2023

With the rediscovery of the Festa teatrale La corona d'Arianna, the fifth Fux Opera Festival of the styriarte 2022 became another success with the audience. In addition to the imaginative direction and costumes, the refreshing interpretation of the music, heard for the first time, contributed to this: as usual, professional and inspired conductor Alfredo Bernardini with the Ensemble Zefiro, the soloists and the Arnold Schoenberg Choir (rehearsal: Erwin Ortner).

The video of this production can be seen on the homepage of the styriarte.

Review of the Fux.Opernfest vol. 5
13. Januar 2022:
CD release Plaudite
29. Juli 2021:
Ö1 "Nisi Dominus"
27. April 2021:
CD release Fux arias
23. März 2021:
CD release Gesù Cristo
14. Januar 2021:
styriarte 2021
23. September 2020:
New release: "Dafne in lauro"

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