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CD release Plaudite

In the series Klingende Forschung (published by the ACDH-CH and the Phonogrammarchiv of the ÖAW) CD No. 7 has been released: Plaudite! Musik von Fux, Telemann und Vivaldi with, among others, three works by Fux: the motet Plaudite, sonat tuba K 165, the Ave Regina caelorum K 208 and the Laetare turba caelitum E 80. The musical material and scientific documentation for all three pieces are available as open access in our series Fux concertato (nos. 1-3).

The ensemble Fiori armonici is conducted by Vladimir Prado, the soloists are Karoline Pilcz (soprano) and Lorin Wey (tenor).

The scholarly texts in the booklet were written by Alexander Rausch, Ramona Hocker and Elisabeth Hilscher.

Order from the publisher at OEAW: CD Plaudite

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