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Johann Joseph Fux – Works


Series A: Sacred Music
I: Mass, Requiem
II: Proprium
III: Office
IV: Te Deum, Motet, Litany and further Sacred Music

Series B: Dramatic Works
I: Opera
II: Oratorio

Series C: Instrumental Music
I: Works for various instrumental ensembles
II: Works for solo performers

Series D: Theoretical and Educational works

Series E: Supplement

Published volumes

A/I/1: Missa Sti. Joannis Nepomucensis K 34a, edited by Ramona Hocker and Rainer J. Schwob, Wien: Hollitzer 2016.

A/IV/1: Te Deum settings K 271 and L 35, edited by Ramona Hocker and Robert Klugseder, Wien: Hollitzer 2017.

B/I/1: Giunone placata FuxWV II.2.19 (K 316), edited by Alexander Rausch, Wien 2018. (Hollitzer Verlag)

Fux concertato

Parts (open access): see menu  Practical Material

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