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Fux-online offers comprehensive information on Johann Joseph Fux (ca. 1660–1741), the most important composer of the Austrian baroque. It provides texts about Fux and Fux research as well as additions to the scientific edition Johann Joseph Fux – Works. For chosen works, practical performance materials (parts) are made freely available at Fux-online. In addition, the website offers link-lists to digitized manuscripts, portraits and other editions.

Fux concertato

As a supplement to the edition Johann Joseph Fux - Werke published by Hollitzer, performance materials are made available as open access in the Fux concertato series. It includes material for volumes that have already been published (as in the case of Messe K 34a = volume 1 of the works edition) as well as editions specially prepared for music practice (as with the motet K 165, cf. the illustration). These result from collaborations with renowned festivals such as the styriarte or the Resonanzen as well as other performances. Works that for various reasons are not included in the printed series can appear online. As a rule, a conductor's score, parts and accompanying texts (music-historical introduction, critical report, song texts, etc.) are offered as PDFs.



Förderung durch die MA 7 der Stadt Wien

We are pleased that the work on the Fux edition and the development of Fux-online and the database are again receiving project funding from the City of Vienna, Kulturabteilung, Wissenschafts- und Forschungsförderung (MA 7).

CD release Fux arias

A CD recording with selected arias by Fux has been released, interpreted by Maria Ladurner (soprano). The arias are from better-known and partly still unpublished operas and oratorios by Fux, including Julo Acanio, Dafne in lauro, Giunone placata, Il Testamento, and La Deposizione. An interesting cross-section of the music-dramatic works of the court composer and chapelmaster.

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CD release Gesù Cristo

A CD recording of the oratorio Gesù Cristo negato da Pietro with the ensemble Ars Antiqua Austria conducted by Gunar Letzbor has been released. The concert performance took place on January 24th, 2020 at the Vienna Konzerthaus as part of the Resonanzen Festival. This recording will be broadcast on   NDR   on March 29, 2021 (8:00-10:00 p.m.).
To this occasion, performance materials have been prepared, which will be published in the practice series Fux concertato.


styriarte 2021

June 25, 2021: The Fux Opera Festival at the styriarte continues with the Serenata Psiche (1720/22). This operatic rarity will be heard for the first time in 300 years, with a specially created version (slightly shortened and with some numbers added by Antonio Caldara) being performed.


Antonio Canova, Amore e Psiche (1793, Louvre)

New release: "Dafne in lauro"

Just appeared: The opera Dafne in lauro (FuxWV II.2.11 / K 308) has been published in our series Johann Joseph Fux - Werke in the publishing house Hollitzer-Verlag.


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Postcript to styriarte 2020

Opening concert on TV broadcast on ORF III (July 4, 9:00 a.m.) (ORF Mediathek, 6 days available), image gallery, reviews, opening and the Fux concerto still on video streaming and at July, 6 on Ö1 (radio broadcast)

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Project funding from the City of Vienna

The Fux team is pleased that our Fux projects are again receiving project funding from the City of Vienna, Kulturabteilung, Wissenschafts- und Forschungsförderung (MA 7).

Older contributions from this category can be found in the archive and in the list with past events.


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The contents of this portal are constantly being expanded. A database with a catalogue of works is in progress, which will enable a quick search for work numbers and titles. Relevant information for performance practice – such as keys, instrumentation and editions – is also recorded. A Fux bibliography is also successively built up along with the database, which can be used as a reference list until the searchable database is published.

For further information, comments and questions, please contact us at info[at]fux-online.at

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